• Group name and Creation “crazy fun” tickles the ears of music lovers since 2006. The two friends decided to create a group and did not consider the long chose nature naturally refusing word combination, causing long-term migraine profound seekers – Antique Kašpirovskio teeth. In 2012, after a lengthy search, and changes in the group “Antique Kašpirovskio teeth visited enlightenment.…



  • Groups “Hiperbolė” legend Igor Berinas with groups of young people “Huge Soul” .Such as the song “Forget Me”, “Why?” “I do seek thee,” Fire “,” I will sing again flies to 80 to a decade, when “Hiperbolė” was in its zenith. Two years ago, a group of young people was formed “Huge Soul” his musical talent brought together with the “Hiperbolė” guitarist, composer Igor Berinas. Groups “Huge Soul…



  • Rock band “Laiptai” was founded 1985y. in Pasvalys. “Laiptai” attended almost every festival, competition, contest and became prize winners: “Alytaus pilietinės dainos konkursas, “Debiutuose”, every Lithuanian rock festival, “Bobų vasarose”, “Jaunimo muzika-89” in Vilnius sport complex, “Papūgoje-87” in Palanga, “POP Art”, “Žemaitijos taurė”,…


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